Chilliwack (PTY) Ltd was established in 2013 to provide the private TVET college sector with an easy to use and affordable student management information system (MIS).

The system is cloud based and only requires users to use a device with a Windows Operating system to connect via the windows application.

Chilliwack MIS provides support to the academic staff and enables management to monitor the progress of students and the performance of lecturers.

It links with the Department of Higher Education and Training where all the exam enrollments and results are managed.

It also provides a link to the Pastel Accounting system where the finances of the students can be managed.

The staff at Chilliwack have more than 30 years’ experience in a TVET environment as lecturer and head of division to support the academic staff at the college as well as financial experience to support the finance department of the college when exporting the invoices from Chilliwack to Pastel.

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